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I just can't get enough of this city!

Okay so here is the start of me making the most of my last few weeks here in BCN! :( (sad!)

Mercé has been cookin’ up a storm of delicious meals lately! One night she made tortilla, salad, and seafood paella—and I ate the seafood in it! Anyway, it was delicious and the yummiest meal ever! Last night we had fried artichokes------delicious!! The only thing is that somehow she got the idea I like canned tuna even though she knows I don’t like other fish and she has been putting it in the salads and so I have been secretly wiping down the lettuce before I eat the salad! Haha oops!


Last weekend I went to another coastal village on the Costa Brava, Cadaqués, with my program and it was just beautiful! Nothing too much going on, but just a lovelyyyy place to stroll and soak up the rays! And then we went to the Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueras, which was weird and great. Loved it. Although I’ve got to say, at this point, after hitting so many touristy cities, I think I am officially museum-ed out! So that was a fun one to end museum mania with! :)

FC BARÇA CENTRAL!!!! The last few games have been super fun and exciting! We’ve been watching BARÇA kick everyone’s butts and there’s nothing better than watching the game in a Spanish bar with big screens and lots of excited rowdy fans…………except for BEING THERE!! I went to my first FCB game (finally) on Wednesday and watched them beat another Spanish team! It was just great! The fans are so funny-they do things like make paper airplanes and all try to get them to land on the field! And at halftime, EVERYBODY whips out a delicious bocadillo (long skinny sandwich) from their pockets and chows down! So of course we had to pack some for ourselves! Got to take part in tradition! :)


There is a pretty ‘Magic Fountain Show’ in Barcelona a few nights of each week, so a few of my friends and I went to go check it out! It was pretty-such a great summer-night thing to do! This giant fountain in Placa Espanya explodes with water with all different colored lights and synchronized with music! Fun! Check out the video!


The other day my friends and I went to watch this fantastic festival in the Grácia neighborhood of Barcelona! They have these human tower competitions and they are super super tall! Like towers that are like 6 people high, with these little kids at the very top! And they climb up right there on the street-no mats or anything! To climb up they wrapped a long black piece of fabric very tightly around their torso, which the barefoot climbers use to grab onto and make their way up the human tower! It was just wild! And only the little kids at the very top were wearing helmets!

Also I just want to show you some cool pics of the graffiti around the city- there are a lot of pretty pieces and also a lot of Catalan-pride graffiti!


I’ve still been meeting with my Spanish intercambio very often, who I just adore! We alternate between English and Spanish each time we meet. So it’s just been really great because we get along so well that hang out for hours on end….so it’s great practice to have a conversation for like 3 hours, without speaking a word of English! She also loves to introduce me to new Spanish or Catalan things that I haven’t tried/seen yet! Like last week we had some new types of Catalan sausage, Fuet and something else-both very delicious! And she said I can stay with her when I come back to BCN! How great! We also talk about differences between Spanish and American culture a lot and do a lot of storytelling and comparing! For example, she was just fascinated by some of the wedding traditions that we have in America, like having bridesmaids, and wedding showers! Here’s a pic of her!


I’ve also been meeting a lot of Erasmus students from all over Europe! That has been totally great because like into me, they aren’t settled a specific group of friends because they are also new to the city and studying here and looking to meet new people and stuff! So glad I’m making so many international friends! They are just great!

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